Modello ex D.Lgs. 231/2001

Legislative Decree 231/2001

Legislative Decree no. 231, dated 8 June 2001 (“Law 231”), introduced the principle of the administrative responsibility of legal entities for a list of crimes committed in the interest or to the benefit of the organization by:
• representatives, directors or managers of the company (“top-level management”);
• those who are managed or supervised by an individual in a top-level position.

The Law 231 aims to encourage companies to adopt corporate governance structures and risk prevention systems to stop managers, executives, employees and external collaborators from committing crimes. In fact, an entity may be exempt from liability if it proves to have fulfilled on time all obligations and procedures provided for by the aforementioned Law.

Therefore, Bally Italia s.r.l. and Bally Studio s.r.l. have adopted their own 231 Organization Model (“Model”) , approved by their respective Boards of Directors, to prevent criminal and administrative offences that can be potentially committed in the course of their business activities.

The Board of Directors of Bally Italia s.r.l. and Bally Studio s.r.l. have also appointed a Supervisory Body, with autonomous decision-making and control power, responsible for supervising the operations and compliance with the Model and to promote its constant updating.

The Code of Ethics is an integral part of the Model and contains the rules aimed at ensuring that the conduct of the recipients is always inspired by criteria of fairness, cooperation, loyalty, transparency and mutual respect, as well as to prevent conduct that could integrate the types of crimes and administrative offences included in the Law 231.

For further details download the Bally Studio s.r.l. and Bally Italia s.r.l. 231 Organization Model and Code of Ethics below.