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Lawrence Van Hagen

@lawrencevh @lvh_art

Lawrence van Hagen is the founder of LVH Art, an independent art advisory service dealing in post-war, modern and contemporary art. He is also the curator of the renowned “What’s Up” exhibitions shown during Frieze weeks in London and New York, where he likes to mix art and design.

What are your traditions for the winter holidays?
Family time in France until the 26th of December, then an adventure trip. Last year, I went gorilla trekking in Uganda, it was amazing.

What is your favorite part of the holidays?
Traveling to faraway locations with my friends.
Who is the most difficult person to find a gift for?
My father. He is the pickiest man in this world, like father, like son!

Do you prefer “many small gifts” or “one or two substantial gifts” when it comes to holiday presents?
Big, substantial gifts over small presents!

Do you prefer being the host or a guest? And why?
I love hosting and organizing events. It allows me to explore my creativity in different ways, such as deciding party themes, dress codes or table decorations. I always find excuses to host my friends and gather them together.

Where do you find your inspirations for the artists you choose for your exhibitions?
By visiting other exhibitions as frequently as I can; experiencing art in different contexts and geographies (collectors' homes, galleries, fairs, museums, artists studios, but also in the open air). I also find a lot of inspiration from visiting remarkable architectural projects, such as Luis Barragan's houses in Mexico or Tadao Ando's buildings in Asia.

What do you think is the future of contemporary art?
There are so many incredible emerging painters: Brice Guilbert, Issy Wood, Poppy Jones, Sara Anstis. Despite the hype surrounding NFTs, I firmly believe that the medium of painting will prevail.

If you could choose a Bally gift this year, what would it be?
Midyal Black 43!
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